Hainan International Film Festival first set up "Golden Coconut Award"

On June 20, 2019, the press conference of the 2nd Hainan Island International Film Festival was held in Shanghai to introduce the progress of the preparations for the Hainan International Film Festival. The 2nd Hainan International Film Festival will be held in Sanya, Hainan from December 1st to 8th, 2019. It will open the competition unit “Golden Coconut Award” for the first time.

The Hainan Island International Film Festival aims to create a four sectors’ international exhibition including island-wide screening, national viewing, and whole industry chain. It is committed to creating an international, professional and popular “never ending film festival". The film festival includes the opening ceremony, the competition unit "Golden Coconut Award" award, classic film screening, outdoor beach screening, H!Action Venture Capital, H!Market, closing ceremony and awards ceremony.

The art consultant of the Hainan International Film Festival is Mr. Roger Garcia. As an experienced film expert, international filmmaker, film critic and writer, Mr. Roger Garcia has served as Chairman of the Hong Kong International Film Festival. He said that he would use his rich experience to help the curatorial team of the Hainan International Film Festival to select outstanding films for the second Hainan International Film Festival. In addition, the organizing committee intends to invite the Berlin International Film Festival consultant, Ms. Elisabeth Lequeret, a film critic of the famous French film magazine Les Cahiers du Cinema, and many other domestic and foreign professionals for the second festival. The film festival selection provides professional advice, and actively recommends the world's outstanding films and filmmakers. It is committed to international film culture exchanges and cooperation to promote the development of the film industry.

The second Hainan International Film Festival first launched the film market H!Market, and proposed to invite the founder and director of the Venice International Film Festival "Production Bridge", Tokyo International Film Festival film market consultant Pascal Diot. H!Market mainly includes film market exhibitions, film market forums, and the movie exhibitions. H!Market strives to aggregate local core film and television resources and creates an internationalized industry-wide film and television trading platform with Hainan characteristics.

Source: Hainan Daily

Responsible editor: 丁昕
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